BLANKET, the surface of her

1997, PS122, NYC, City of Women, Ljubljana, Kaaitheater, Brussels

A performance project for which I chose 8 artists and asked them to tell me what to do for 10 minutes each, therefore creating 80 minutes of material which then became BLANKET. Each artist approached the proposition differently; some choosing to have complete control while others just offered creative suggestions. All eight artists were challenged to remove themselves from their usual medium and use my performative mind and body to carry out any task they wanted to

command. I appropriated these ideas to become a real-time exquisite corpse and also the  organizer of the folds that hid but unified the contrasting aesthetics of the artists that I had chosen.

The eight artists were as follows:

Sylvie Fleury (Geneva)

Richard Kern (NYC)

Romaine Slocombe (Paris)

Aphex Twin/Richard D. James (London)

Richard Foreman (NYC)

Viktor&Rolf (Amsterdam)

Julia Sher (NYC)

Paul McCarthy (LA).

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