Coat Check

2005, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris

This installation was a re-working of a previous version of Coat Check specifically for the Suisse Cultural Center in Paris. Coat Check began when the viewer(s) entered the Arts Center and were asked to check their coat(s). Upon receiving the coat(s) of a viewer(s) in exchange for a ticket, the

coat check attendant immediately hung it on a rack. The viewer(s) then continued up via stairs to the main exhibition space on the third floor. Meanwhile, when the viewer(s) was out-of-sight, the coat check attendant passed the viewer’s coat off to someone who then shuttled the coat(s) up to the main exhibition space by way of a back stairwell. The viewer(s), upon reaching the exhibition

space, found their coat(s) being worn by a child (or children) who stood in the middle of the gallery.  The entrance of the viewer activated the child (or children) to perform a series of actions that then culminated in dramatically exiting the gallery by a back door that closed and locked behind them, taking the viewer’s coat(s) with them. Out of the sight of the viewer(s), their coat(s) was then shuttled back downstairs and hung neatly on the coat check rack to be collected by the

viewer(s)when they came back downstairs to exit. There was also a video component to the work

titled First Time for Everything, which was continuously projected on a wall of the exhibition space

for the duration of the installation.

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