2002, Vooriut Art Center, Gent Belgium

This site-specific project and workshop was developed for a 72-hour art event B-Visible. Because of the duration of the event there was a communal sleeping area set up on the main stage of the arts complex where people could go to rest in between performances, showings, lectures, exhibits, etc… In the dark and quiet environment of bunk beds and sleepers, I made a video. Using the members of my workshop, we performed actions on the sleepers as well as “staging” some actions on each other, set in the same environment. I then edited the video mixing the “staged” with the “real” and screened it for all the participants of the event. Below is a list of the choreography.

Actions on Sleepers “Staged”&”Real”:

Mild murder with X mark                                                Nail polish

Swapping underwear                                                     Scented oil on pillows

Foot massage                                                                Love notes in luggage

Body manipulation                                                         Tape recordings of breathing  

Fingers dipped in warm water                                        Phosphorescent paint on face

Spooning with stranger                                                  Warm hand touch

Examination                                                                   Lipstick kiss prints

Features measurement                                                  Band-Aids with fake blood

Wake with mirror                                                            Fingers dipped in warm water

Stitches in sheets and clothing

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