Trailing Spouse

2015, University of Virginia Ruffin Gallery, Charlottesville

A piece commissioned by the University of Virginia as part of my position as the Ruffin Distinguished Artist in Residence, this project was intimately connected to my experience as an art professor at a large research university. I initially recruited individuals and groups from the university community and staged them in a variety of “performances” in the closed interior of a free-standing container constructed in the gallery space. These performances were then video documented from the vantage of nine peepholes cut into the container's walls. The resulting material, ranging from Marching Band musicians to staged Slasher Horror scenes, was edited into nine different video loops, each one curated for one of the nine peepholes. The month-long installation finally featured a continuous public screening of the videos through the peepholes alongside several additional sculptures bearing titles which served as text for the multi-channel video piece.

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